Main Menu

                   Served every day from 12 noon last orders for food 9pm

                                                                          Please see our 3 course dinner menu

                                                                            To Start

              Homemade soup of the day, served with a bread roll £3.50

                                  Duck cherry pate En Crout £4.25

                         Battered Mushrooms with a Garlic dip £ 3.75

                                          Garlic bread £ 2.50

                      Ocean Pearl Prawns in bed of fresh salad £ £3.75

                                                Main Courses

 From the Grill

      10oz ribey Steak, served with a onion rings, mushrooms,tomatoes,

                                           And chips  £14.50

     8oz Stirloin steak, served with tomatoes, mushrooms, onion rings

                                             And chips £14.00 

                               Add a sauce to your steak £1.50

             Peppered Rump Steak served with chips & salad £10.95

      12oz Gammon Steak served with a fried egg, pineapple, tomatoes,

                                  mushrooms and chips £10.50 

             Pork Loin with sage pesto & marinated carrots, served with

                                        potatoes £9.50  

 Old Faverites

                   Bangers & mash, Three locally produced Sausages

                          Served with creamy mash & Gravy £5.75

 Something Differant     

  Aromatic Beef with Orange & apricots served with mash & greens of the day £8.50

                           Beef Salad with Watercress & Basil Sauce £8.50


      Swancote Chicken Chicken breast coverd with cheese, rolled in bacon

                                       served chips & salad £8.50

               Lemon Chicken with Baby Potatoes & green Beans £8.00

 Our Homemade Pies

        Homemade Steak & Onion Pie, served with Chips & peas or salad £7.50

    Home Made chicken & ham pie, served with chips & salad or peas £8.50 

               Made with chicken breast & chunks of gammon ham to our chefs secret recipe.

       Shropshire fidget pie, Served with homemade chips & peas £7.50

       Homemade Cottage Pie served with Chips & peas Or salad £6.00


                    Ribbons of Vegetables in cream Fraiche sauce £7.95 

                             Cauliflower and Broccoli Cheese £7.50


                     Golden Batterd Cod served with chips & peas £7.50

                         Golden fried Scampi with Chips & Salad £7.50

 Our Locally Produced Burgers

                               6oz Beef Burger with chips & salad £6.00

                             6oz Cheese Burger with chips & salad £6.75

                        6oz Cheese & Bacon Burger with chips & salad £7.50

       The vegetables offered with the main course can be exchanged on most meals please ask your waiter for optians 


                                Side Orders

        Chips £2.00   Seasonal Vegetables £2.50   Dressed Salad £2.50

   Garlic Bread £2.50  Garlic bread with Cheese £3.50   Onion Rings £2.00


                                            To Finish

                                    Chocolate Fudge Cake £3.00p

                                       Strawberry Gateau £3.00

                                     Apple Pie and Custard £3.00

                                   A Selection of Ice Cream £2.50